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The Mourning Bride feedback and reviews

“Just watched “The Mourning Bride’ Marj Morgan’s adaptation of Christopher Marlowe’s ‘Edward ll’ Was a really good play with some great acting by all involved.
Intrigue, greed, lust, desire, power, conspiracy and murder made for a great performance which should have been much longer.
Well done to all involved.”

“Always great to see new writing by @MarjorieMorgan performed and tonight was no exception. The Mourning Bride @HopeStTheatre was my introduction to Christopher Marlow and left me wanting more. Take a bow Marj.”

“… it’s been incredible.”

“Great work, as ever, Marj Morgan!”

“That was incredible! I wanted it to go on longer. I can’t wait for more.”

“Well done on your performance!”

“The backwards nature of the narrative is an interesting device that makes you look afresh at something you feel you know and the all-female cast added an extra dimension.”

“It was really good. Kept my attention to keep wanting to know what happened next.”

“Running at only 45 mins, this modern take on Edward ll was beautifully written, adapted and acted.”

“I really enjoyed this. Well done”

“… it was very intense”

“Was lovely catching The Mourning Bride … Lovely Scouse adaptation turned upside down and an all female cast! There’s nothing like a woman scorned!!”

“That was great! … I wish it was longer though.”


“Adapted by MT Productions creative director and writer, Marjorie H Morgan, this short one act play is an interesting take on Marlowe’s 1593 turbulent tale of desire, power and ambition. The play is set in the landscape of a 21st Century Merseyside and specifically focused upon a large corporate shopping empire, where the various characters jostle for position and influence. Morgan’s script flows really well with sharp and on-the-ball dialogue throughout.

Essentially Morgans’s piece focused on power through revenge and desire and in this it definitely succeeded … a lively piece with some great evocative moments.”

“The Mourning Bride is a modern adaptation by Marjorie H Morgan of Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II but transplanted into 21st Century Liverpool, focusing on the shenanigans at a large high street business. All the power is now in the hands of women … All 5 actors worked well together as a team and were very much ‘on point’ character wise. The modernisation of the story was well constructed and furthermore, the technical aspects went smoothly. As an audience member, I felt drawn in and wished to learn much more about each person and what really made them tick.”