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Let Them Eat Cake feedback and reviews

My shortlisted play, Let Them Eat Cake, selected in the THE 15th INTERNATIONAL WINDSOR FRINGE 
 had its inaugural performance on 10 November 2018 at the Unity Theatre, Liverpool as part of the annual Homotopia Festival.

Audience reviews and feedback:

“It was a wonderful night.  Thank you (Marj) and Abbie and Kel for all the hard work and thought you obviously put into it.  I hope it’s the beginning of a tradition.” Cheryl Martin, Homotopia Guest Curator

“It was excellent. I thought it was genius. I was really engaged. I was really pulled into it.”

“Lovely night — made my day.”

“It was fantastic.”

“I thought it was really good how you pulled us into the crisis right at the beginning.” Mark Syder

“I like the fact that it was a serious subject but you managed to get some humour into it to relieve the tension.”

“I really enjoyed it … partly the intensity … the staging … the focus is very dynamic.”

“Everybody needs a Stace in their life, it was really well played.”