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Friday the 13th – Nightmare before Xmas: feedback and reviews

“Powerful play.”

“Great work – well done.”

“Surprising and insightful portrayal of a difficult situation.”

“The first short play of the evening was ‘Friday the 13th’, which was directed by Mark Smith and written by Marj Morgan. Morgan wrote her piece from a different medium, which worked well. This particular piece was staged as a radio drama featuring Lew Freeburn and Jennifer Vaudrey, as a young couple. Vaudrey was an adamant Tory supporter, who was attempting her best to sway her partner to change his mind and support her party instead. He did seem indecisive initially, which party would be more beneficial for him. His partner subtly explained he would be better voting for the Tories. There were some great sound effects throughout the piece such as mobile phone ringing and other noises too. Morgan did an excellent job balancing both opinions with some valid reasons.”