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Loyalty is the main currency – Gully (2019) review

Gully (2019) – A story of young friendships, but so much more.

This is a tender portrayal of the interlinked complicated life of four young men. It surprised me, but that’s only because I read some reviews beforehand. I hope you’re not doing that. I hope you are reading this after you have watched the film, and you now know for yourself what a treasure this film is.

You may disagree, and that’s OK. It may not be for you, it was for me. It is for me.

Gully is all about life’s situations, and the options or choices available to these four friends, some of whom think their lives are summed up thus: “D is for damned”.

It is a magical film of hope that blurs the lines between truth and fantasy, but within each scenario is the every present eye in the sky of the police helicopter, or someone somewhere watching. I particularly enjoyed the fact that none of the main four characters have stereotypical life stories as is usually portrayed in tales  from the streets of LA, however all of them are impacted by events in their past that influence their present, and is destined to direct the path to their futures.