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See, we, me

I see that man
as if I have known him
our whole lives together

such an elegant figure
so broadly talented
and rarely silent
because he is bursting with strong opinions
that have to be shared

yet in the moments
of solitude that
he steals when no-one is looking
I am privy to his deep sadness
for he brought me inside his heart
so we
the labyrinth of honeycomb shaped holes
that lined his soul

neither he nor I
could ever
fill them up
however hard we tried

I see the man,
as if he were me
so we
ceaselessly corral compassion
to fill him
(and me)

this alone
the ache
of ever-present absence
so we
are constantly love-loading
the hollow spaces
in between
everything we are

From the Between the Lines collection, now available here: