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Please contact me to book planned workshops on creative writing, oral history, family history research.

Commissions also taken for individually tailored workshops or specific pieces of writing such as poems or plays.

Rates are based on the industry standard, however they are negotiable for charities and libraries and are also dependent on the number of participants.

Full current DBS Certificate held (No.: 000958098426) – valid from January 2020.

Full day ……….. £400 – £500+
Half day ………..£200 – £250+
Hourly ………….£75

The Society of Authors‘ rates and guidelines may be found here.

BBC writer’s rates for TV and radio scripts may be found here.

Writers’ Guild rates and agreements for radio, television, theatre and film may be found here.

N.B. Travel and accommodation fees may incur additional charges.
Travel currently £0.45 per mile; parking and accommodation fees vary (January 2020).

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